A self – taught Bronze Sculptor of Wildlife Art with no formal art schooling, Murray Grant credits his remote upbringing in Kenya with a rancher father and a wildlife artist mother (Guy and Lavinia Grant), as the ultimate cornerstone for his life as an wildlife Sculptor and Artist.

Murray was born and brought up on and is now a Director of El Karama Ranch, a working property that combines wildlife conservation with holistic cattle ranching and innovative agriculture. El Karama is considered a forerunner in sustainable business practices in Kenya. Based in the Laikipia region, one of the country’s most diverse and successful habitat and wildlife conservation areas, Murray’s home gives him access to some of the world’s most unusual wildlife experiences.

He is one of very few Sculptors in his field who lives and breathes his subject full time. Murray continues to live and work at El Karama with his wife and two small children contributing to conservation through his Fine Art. His private studio is next door to the award-winning eco-tourism safari lodge that he founded in 2004, which welcomes wildlife enthusiasts and responsible travelers from all around the world.


Murray accepts commissions from private collectors, but also works on sculptures and projects of his own like the Spiral Horned Antelope of Africa series, portraits of big ‘Tusker’ elephants of Kenya and his eternally elusive muse: the Leopard.